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A chapter ends, another starts. That's a program life. YaBLOG is definitivly dead.  I hadn't time to improve  it. That's why I seeked a new blog engine and I found Dotcleår.

It wasn't easy to switch under Dotcleår. I had to understand its template system which is far away from Django one. I had to translate my posts into Dotcleår database and I'd to write a plugin for that.
I'd to create  new template pages and lost them (I'd finished them and I did the wrong command in a shell). And again, rewrite new template pages but this time using UIKit .

Why did I choose Dotcleår instead of Wordpress ?
Because it is a blog engine which does its job and does it well. Dotcleår is also much more securized than Wordpress and that the point the most important.

I also participate to the project as much as I can, but I'm not a PHP programmer, not yet.

If I have to take some of my precious time to write a blog engine, I prefer that it may be useful.

I put the theme on dotaddictand also on GitHub. You can also download it directly from this page (see below).

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Gravatar de Osku
On Friday 23 Aug 2013

Chouette cet habillage.

Pourquoi Dotclear avec un "å" ?

Gravatar de Régis FLORET
On Saturday 24 Aug 2013

Ce n'est pas automatique ? :o

Il faut que je cherche pourquoi parce que ça me le fait depuis que j'utilise Dotclear.

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