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My Résumé
August 07, 2014
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My Résumé

Who am I?

I am a self-taught. Everything I know about computer programming, I owe it to my work and my passion for the computer programming.

However, everything wasn’t pink-colored in my life, and at 18, I had to find a job and then form me to a craft (electrician).

I always postponed my studies, to simply live. It’s true, sometimes I missed some opportunities.

However, since 1983, year were start my passion, I worked, days after days, nights after nights, on programs who almost never spent in production.

I could enumerate about the computers I owned and the systems on which I worked hard and in which languages I did it. But is it really important ?

My first computer

The most important is I am privileged. I’m priviliged to work on technologies I wanted to understand and not only I must understand. I learned later that it was a privilege when I start to know other professionnal computer programmers which was sometimes unhappy to do only one thing (mostly Java and .Net).

After having chained jobs after jobs in electricity, I went to Reunion Island on my sister demand.

At that time, I created a small electricity company. I learned a lot, and as usual, by myself. I learned the managment, the human resources, the perpetual energy to get a contract and a new client. I learned to adapt my offer to the market and I learned to say « No » to a client.

I learned a lot. And the evening, after the sites, the clients, the accounting, to relax myself, I did computer programming. Unfortunatly I did a bankrupty. And then again, I learned, very hardly, but I learned.

Then came the age of raison. And at my 40, with the help of my friend Ashes Dust, I began a new and brief carreer of Independant Developer, mainly using Python and Django. PHP was in an impasse (v 4 and 5) and RoR wasn’t well knew in France. Naturally, I start to use Django mainly because I used Python as my main language.

I didn’t know that doing a eTrade web site was difficult, so I did it. I didn’t know that building a blog or a CMS from scratch was hard, never mind, I did them. And always with that faithful Django that I knew in its painful 0.96 version.

A WordPress or Dotclear plugin ? A template ? No problem. I learn quickly, very quickly.

However, the market in the Reunion Island wasn’t mature enought to accept a programmer like me. This market prefers what it knows before any kind of innovations.

After spending hundred of hours behind my screen, sometimes working 18 hours a day, one day I realized that I couldn’t continue like that. One day, I collapsed nervously. A really big collapse.

I stopped my company, I putted my projects a side and I find a new job as formative for Cleaning Agents.

This job gave me and still give me huge statisfactions, but what I like, what I love, is coding.

I continue, days after days to code as much as I can. Sometimes it’s hard sometimes it’s easy. I try to put on Github my projects, my researches.

I try to learn the theorical knowlege I miss.  I just try to be a little bit better than yesterday.


  • Web technologies since 10 years
  • Senior Python developer
  • Templates and plugins for WordPress
  • System administration
  • MVC and HMVC architecture
  • SQL Language (MySQL and SQLite flavour) Intermediate
  • C/C++ language (Intermediate), Python (senior), Javascript (senior), PHP (Intermediate), …

Skills being acquired

  • NoSQL with MongoDB
  • CoffeeScript and Typescript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Google App Engine (Python)
  • Geospatial development

Technologies addressed

  • Java,
  • .Net (C#)
  • Client/server programming


  • Office suite,
  • Dactylography
  • Linux, Window, MacOS X

Personnal capacities

  • Pragmatic,
  • Conscientious,
  • Professional in my behaviour,
  • Great sens of hierarchy,
  • Tolerant,
  • Pedagogue

Know defects

  • Exuberant,
  • Quick tempered.
August 07, 2014
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