The top 5 reasons to not read lists

Les 5 raisons de ne pas lire les listes
Since few years, we see on the web lists of things : The 10 best thing or the five better stuff. As every body, I’ve clicked at least once (often more) on one of those lists which have only one goal : Increase the visibility of a web site. To increase my visibility on the ...

Identify your users with oauth2 in Cordova using

Identifiez vos utilisateurs avec oauth dans Cordova en utilisant
When we write an hybride application, we think immediatly to Cordova. We build our app using the framework HTML/CSS/Javascript you want (for example Ratchet 2 or jQueryMobile). However, there’s still a problem: The user authentification. While we stay in a classical path, there isn’t problems. But when the moment to integrate users authentification with third ...

Do you really need jQuery ?

Avez-vous vraiment besoin de jQuery ?
In a couple of years, jQuery become the most well-know library for every developpement in a browser. It easy! You write: $('#my-id").on('click', function(e) { alert("Hello MyId"); } And every elements with the ID “my-id” respond to a “onclick” event. However, that greatful simplicity has a problem: it hides you Javascript. You do not code in ...

Passing the Django CSRF cookie with Nginx

Passer le cookie CSRF de Django avec Nginx
When you came from the Apache world and you want to switch to Nginx, you find yourself before a lot of problems which you haven’t before. One of the biggest problem is the CSRF protection. Indeed, by using Nginx as a proxy for Gunicorn, it misses a lot of things in the HTTP header and ...

Build a hybride mobile app with Cordova and Grunt

Construire une application mobile hybride avec Cordova et Grunt
The mobile apps are  more and more hybrid apps. After trying to build a native Android application, I have to admit that’s hard. It’s Java, it is screen oriented (you have to manage one screen after another) and there’s a huge learning curve. The same curve than  Sencha Touch or Appcelerator Titanium which are also ...

Après le rétro gaming, SFR Réunion invente le rétro-ADSL.

Après le rétro gaming, SFR Réunion  invente le rétro-ADSL.
Les débits internet pour l’abonné sont de plus en plus important, mais sur le tout petit caillou perdu dans l’Océan Indien il semble que je doive subir le processus inverse.

A super fast images lazy loader

Un chargeur d'images paresseux hyper rapide
When you load a web page, the browser load all images present in the page. However, if you have a lot a images, this is not the best practice in the world. You’ll have a lot of dowload and a huge loading time. The only choice we have, the lazy loading.

Should we continue to use Django ?

For some time, I ask myself a question : Should I continue, yes or no, to use Django? The question seems a little bit weird, but is it really? I built a website (intranet) for a client with Django 1.3 with a MySQL database. The begining was built upon Django 1.2 and naturally, I switched ...

Burn Out

Chacun le sait, les développeurs ont une très nette tendance à se laisser happer par leur travail/passion. Cependant, la pratique longue de la programmation devant un ordinateur fait que notre esprit est toujours sous tension et un jour ou l’autre, c’est le “neirvouze brèque donne” comme on dit de nos jours. Nervous breakdown by toutdego

Changement de blog, réécriture des URL.

Changement de blog, réécriture des URL.
I was seeking some informations on the Internet, as every days, as you do it every days, and then, the shock ! In the first place… Me… or rather one of the blog entry. Hower, the URL was not the good one. Before my URLs was:[blog|page]/article/[slug de l'article]/ and now, due to Dotclear, they ...