Après le rétro gaming, SFR Réunion invente le rétro-ADSL.

Après le rétro gaming, SFR Réunion  invente le rétro-ADSL.
Les débits internet pour l’abonné sont de plus en plus important, mais sur le tout petit caillou perdu dans l’Océan Indien il semble que je doive subir le processus inverse.

A super fast images lazy loader

A super fast images lazy loader
When you load a web page, the browser load all images present in the page. However, if you have a lot a images, this is not the best practice in the world. You’ll have a lot of dowload and a huge loading time. The only choice we have, the lazy loading.

Should we continue to use Django ?

For some time, I ask myself a question : Should I continue, yes or no, to use Django? The question seems a little bit weird, but is it really? I built a website (intranet) for a client with Django 1.3 with a MySQL database. The begining was built upon Django 1.2 and naturally, I switched ...

Burn Out

Chacun le sait, les développeurs ont une très nette tendance à se laisser happer par leur travail/passion. Cependant, la pratique longue de la programmation devant un ordinateur fait que notre esprit est toujours sous tension et un jour ou l’autre, c’est le “neirvouze brèque donne” comme on dit de nos jours. Nervous breakdown by toutdego

Changement de blog, réécriture des URL.

Changement de blog, réécriture des URL.
I was seeking some informations on the Internet, as every days, as you do it every days, and then, the shock ! In the first place… Me… or rather one of the blog entry. Hower, the URL was not the good one. Before my URLs was:  http://www.regisblog.fr/[blog|page]/article/[slug de l'article]/ and now, due to Dotclear, they ...

I hate to be enforced

The more and more, I see required services and I hate that. Today, the straw that broke the camel’s back is Gravatarand this time, I must say I’m very angry against theme. Now to use gravatar, I must own a WordPress.com account. Holy shit ! I should be free to do what I think is ...

Switch to Dotclear

A chapter ends, another starts. That’s a program life. YaBLOG is definitivly dead.  I hadn’t time to improve  it. That’s why I seeked a new blog engine and I found Dotclear.

Add the format method to the javascript String Object

There’s something really usefull which appeared with C# (tell me if I’m wrong) and which can be found in Qt or Python, it’s the string formating. Let me explain it. Let’s take a dummy string. In Python we should write : >>> "{0} {1}".format('one', 'two')

How to accelerate your Django web site up to 60 times

From time to time, I do some WordPress . Not because I’m a pure WordPress fan but I have some cient whose love WordPress. I have to admii that the CMS administration is clear and well writen and that why it’s the first blog engine of the market. I tried to optimize a website which ...

Game of Life with OpenMP

Game of Life with OpenMP
Believe it or not, I never programmed a Game of Live. I know, it’s learned at the computer programmers school, but I never studied at the computeur programmers shool. So, for my own pleasure, I wrote a Game of Live in C. Or course, I have so used with interpreted or managed languages with garbage ...