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VirtualEnvWrapper for Powershell
May 13, 2018
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VirtualEnvWrapper for Powershell

When I work on a Linux/Unix box, I use VirtualEnvWrapper because, it's useful and simple. But under MS-Windows, I don't use either MingW64 Bash nor Cmd.exe but Powershell and the last VirtualEnvWrapper for Powershelll isn't compatible with Python 3.3+ and it had a huge dependency with... Python itself.

So I decided to rewrite it in pure Powershell. First because I wanted to learn Powershell, then because I really need it at my work and finally because it's fun!

It has basic command :

  • lsvirtualenv : List all virtual envs
  • rmvirtualenv : Delete a virtual env
  • mkvirtualenv : Create a virtual env
  • workon : Work with the virtual env

I let you playing with it.

The repository. The powershell module and the documentation.

Have a lot of fun!