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My life is changing, and it's good.
April 07, 2015
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My life is changing, and it's good.

I leaved Reunion Island last december. I withered there. I hadn’t no more juice, I didn’t want to do nothing. 12 years in the tropics, I may break a man. I wrote a post which talked about it (thanks to Polo by the way). So, farewell Reunion Island, it was great to live with you, but I need something new, I have new needs. So I picked up my cats and my wife and I toke the big Iron bird and « au revoir La Réunion ».

Here I am in Biarritz in the cold that I didn’t knew for a while. France becomes a foreign country for me. Think about it! 12 years!

My first shock?

Internet connection…. 30 Mb/s !!! AAAAAHHHH ! It’s crazness!! It’s huge! When I think I was connected with a retro-dsl line in Reunion Island (fr.. sorry. Short: my max was 350 kbits/s and the average was 35 kbits/s). So, now I need a job and Bazinga! 1 month later I got one. A very interesting one, a very complicated one with a big learning curve and my colleagues are nice and competents

The French California have a little taste for Paradise for me.

First job

It’s my first real job in computer programming in a team and a company. I work like a dumb ass but I feel that I’m doing nothing. In a real company we communicated, we write documentation, we meet together, we test, we explain, we advice. We do stuff very useful that you don’t do where you are alone, or when you hack.

In december, I thought I reach my maximum with my mind. I really thought I couldn’t do more. I was wrong. I never be so good and I know that tomorrow, I’ll be better.

So, Je suis de retour !

I'm back