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L'informatique, L'amour, Les vaches

November 14, 2014
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I’m currently in the questioning about my professional future and even on computer programming. So, I write this article for the four who follow me more or less.

I live in the island of the meeting and what is software development, here we are at level 0 of the development. Certainly there’s like everywhere very good developers and myfriend Ashes Dust actually advantage, but for the rest it shaves daisies. And frankly, I have more difficult to open my text editor for programming. I must admit, it’s beenmore than 3 weeks that I did not type a line of code worthy of the name (excluding minor bugs).

No, it’s not a burnout as I wrote in a previous post. It’s more a depression. Nothing here as the level and except, I don’t know any Startup which has a growing potential.

Most of webmasters/WebDesigner build website with WordPress with 2 or 3 plug ins, Designers copy what the others do (in an ugly way), web developers are language fundamentalist (PHP Rulez) and the last job I applied asked a MCS with madness skills for… 1400 € a month (this is not a typing error: 1,400 € a month).

For a creative like me, Zebra trend, it’s hard to live with. And it’s the reason why I not a professional computer programmer.